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Mustang Hills to be Logged!

Spray Lakes Sawmills are slated to clearcut the Mustang Hills in the upper Elbow December 2018. There is a public information session tonight, Friday Feb 23rd, 6:30pm at The Heart Cafe, 12 Balsam Ave. Bragg Creek.

Mesa Butte

Mesa Butte from Curley Connector.

Winter Walk Mesa Butte +

Easy climbs, open ridges and panoramic views from Mesa Butte, Curley Connector and Curley Sand trails allow  surprisingly good outings for the short, cold days of winter. The shortest option, to the top of Mesa Butte and back, is only 3.4 km with just over 200 m of height gain. The whole ridge is 6.4 km and requires 2 vehicles, if you don’t want a 3.6 km road walk back to your car.


Descending the upper section of Mid-Mountain Road

Getting to Marmot Basin via Nakiska Snowshoe Trails

Nakiska Ski Area is advertising snowshoe trails and guided snowshoe trips!  While the original press release had the trail open to everyone, guided or not, just before Christmas they declared their snowshoe trail would be for guided parties only. No other snowshoers allowed. This decision may affect how the the rest of us get to Marmot Basin. The upper section of Mid-Mountain Road (the old Marmot Basin Road), part of the Nakiska snowshoe trail, is the only way for snowshoers and skiers to access Marmot Basin.

Backcountry Avalanche Safety Thumbnail

Backcountry Avalanche Safety

The updated new edition of Backcountry Avalanche Safety is now available. Since the last edition there have been significant improvements to avalanche forecasting. Work done by Parks Canada and Canadian academic researchers has led to Canada becoming a world leader in avalanche forecasting and in the education of winter backcountry users.

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On the trail to Picklejar Lakes.

Kananaskis Trails Update – Mainly Good News

Memorial Lakes Trail. The dicey traverse of the shale bank, lately equipped with a rope that showed just how bad it had got, has been  replaced by a brand new trail that crosses the creek, runs along the mossy west bank, then returns to the east bank beyond all difficulty via a second new bridge [...]

The southern half of Guinns Pass trail was rebuilt this summer after the 2013 flood damaged the original route up that dreadful avalanche gully. It is perfect for campers at Lillian Lake who can visit the pass, peak 237374 and Galatea Lakes all in one day.

Commonwealth Ridge

Top of north summit and the Kananaskis Range.

Commonwealth Ridge, easy scramble

The big ridge looming over Highway 742 north of Mud Lake is a popular winter destination for snowshoers who plod up the lower slopes to treeline. In summer, though, there is nothing to stop the hiker/scrambler from going all the way to the summits where a fantastic view awaits.

The High Rockies Trail Thumbnail

The impressive suspension bridge over Blackshale Creek

The High Rockies Trail

The High Rockies Trail — See our Guide — is finished and open. It is just under 82 km from Goat Creek to Elk Pass at the powerline. While almost all of the trail can be used in winter there are a few things you should be aware of:

Next time you visit Elk Pass at the powerline take a few minutes to view the new portal conceived, designed, built and erected by students from three Elk Valley schools. Using carts they designed, they hauled three 16 ft carved cedar logs 5 km and 300 vertical metres to the Alberta boundary at Elk Pass.

Lake Rae

A Better Trail to Lake Rae

Thanks to a local outfitter we now have a much better trail to Lake Rea from the Elbow–Sheep cut-off in the headwaters of the Sheep River in Kananaskis Country. While the trail is 500 m longer than the discontinued one, it misses out open hillsides torn up by grizzlies and has a good tread throughout.

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