Winter Walk Mount McNabb

Mount McNabb

En route to the lower summit.

Back to the Sheep. We decided that now is actually the best time to walk up Mount McNabb and make a loop with Price Camp trail because 1. The Sheep River is frozen. 2. Should be able to get onto the top of the first step via  snow-free, south-facing meadows from Coal Creek. 3. The mud of [...]

Wolf Creek snowshoe/hike

Wolf Creek

Chinook arch above the hill

Yesterday we headed down to the Sheep River area west of Turner Valley for a change of scenery. There is substantially less snow down there than around Bragg Creek and the Elbow. We parked in the Sandy McNabb skating rink parking area and walked down the trail to the Sheep River opposite Coal Creek. After crossing the well-frozen [...]

Snowshoe to Forbes Creek Grotto

Snowshoe to Forbes Creek Grotto Thumbnail

W e were back on the High Rockies Trail, this time doing a very short snowshoe between Sparrowhawk and Spencer creeks with a detour in the middle to look at Forbes Creek Grotto (see map). Would it harbour an icefall in winter? The answer is no, but it’s nevertheless an interesting place to visit. Snowshoes are a [...]

Goat Creek Area of the High Rockies Trail in Winter


The scenic pond about 200 m north of the bridge. The snowshoe trail up to Goat Creek parking goes up to the north of the pond.

Recently we’ve checked out the High Rockies Trail between Goat Creek and Three Sisters Dam. It’s more open than the trail farther south and is one of the few stretches of the High Rockies Trail suitable for skiing, though perhaps more suitable for winter walkers, fat-tire bikers and, after fresh snow, snowshoers.

A fter a quiet start to the season avalanche danger levels are creeping up, and more and more people are heading higher into avalanche country. Skiers, snowboarders, scramblers and ice climbers have been joined by snowshoers, and now fat-tire bikers are starting to spin their wheels into Challenging terrain. In order to help you be [...]

High Rockies Trail Guide

High Rockies Trail

It was a beautiful sunny day up at Spray Lakes yesterday and there was lots of activity. We walked the well-packed section of the High Rockies Trail between Driftwood day-use area and West Wind Pass trail to the accompaniment of yipping sled dogs running on the other side of the reservoir. To introduce you to the trail we have developed a Guide to the High Rockies Trail.

E very so often we get an email or a comment on the accuracy of our trail distances, and when we track down the cause of the discrepancy find that the problem relates to incorrect odometer (distance) displays on the users GPS receiver and/or poor track logs that have not been “cleaned up”. Let’s look [...]

Missinglink missing Inukshuk


Before and after photos by Joanne Godfrey, Sheep River Ramblers.

Missinglink mountain is a fabulous summit with extensive views of the Front Ranges all the way from the Highwood to the Elbow! Taking advantage of the fall weather we hiked up there on October 23rd to be greeted by an impressive, well-constructed inukshuk. A few days later we received an email from Joanne Godfrey of [...]

Boulton Creek Re-envisaged

Boulton Creek Re-envisaged Thumbnail

So we started out on Boulton Creek interpretive trail and followed it down to the new bridge over Boulton Creek.  From here we turned left and looked at the re-worked section of the ski trail to the junction with Fox Creek and Moraine. All was good. Plodded up Moraine and down to the bridge again, then turned [...]

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