Kananaskis Country Trail Maps

The Maps

These are the maps from the back of the five volumes of Kananaskis Country Trail Guides, arranged by volume. To save a map to you computer, right click on it (control click on a Mac) and select save or depending on your browser.

Printed out actual size the map scale is 1:50,000. They can be printed on 11″ x 17″ paper, although some of the maps will need to be scaled down to fit. It is not intended that you try to assemble a mosaic of all the maps as many of the maps overlap and they are not all exactly the same size.

The trail lines on the map were obtained in various ways: A large number of them are from our own GPS tracklogs and we consider them accurate. Some are from other people’s tracklogs that we considered accurate enough to use. Many others are drawn on the maps from Gillean’s notes and are approximate lines. If you notice any that are obviously way out, please let us know and if you can give us an accurate tracklog we will update the map.

Note that the government topo maps that cover Kananaskis Country come in a mix of imperial and metric. Therefore, the contour intervals vary. Some of our maps have both imperial and metric contours when they span two types of government map. Imperial contours are 100 ft intervals and metric 40 m intervals. The trail lines on the map are:

• Red line: a trail, official or unofficial.

• Red dash: a route.

• Black line: trail in other volumes, or trail not described.

• Dashed black line: route in other volumes of this series.